Rhythm Collection


The Rhythm collection is capable of adopting many configurations thanks to its rotation around a central axis which allows for the free movement at an angle of its light sticks. Designed by Arik Levy, it is available in two colors: off white lacquer or matt dark brown. Supports any length of customization.

  • 10 Heads
  • horizontal
  • vertical

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Rhythm Collection

Exterior styling full of artistic order

The Rhythm Collection, designed by Arik Levy, is designed to rotate around a central axis. Transform smooth waves into art by arranging them in order. Designers combine the elegance of modernism with a streamlined industrial retro design to create a cosy atmosphere for the entire room. Even if the light is not turned on, it is equally elegant and beautiful, especially suitable for placement in the bedroom, living room and other spaces. With this chandelier, your living space can achieve eternal beauty, and it is an ideal choice to highlight your space style.

Rich combination options

The elegant look never goes out of style, and the biggest highlight of the Rhythm Collection is that there are more than 20 versions of Rhythm lamps with horizontal and vertical alignment. Also available in matte black and matte white finishes. It has entered our hearts and homes with its high-end appearance and minimalist style, exuding nobility and elegance, and is the perfect choice to create a high-end atmosphere. When the lights are turned on, creating delicate tones will bring you a good visual experience and make you feel happy.

Both beauty and practicality

Choosing the right lighting can greatly enhance the happiness of life. Rhythm Collection meets various standards of high quality. Using polishing/painting process, it highlights the glass texture and metal texture of the chandelier. The light source adopts LED light source, and the maximum power can reach 5W. You can rest assured that our products will not easily fall off and deform their appearance.)

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Rhythm Collection Size

Horizontal Rhythm parameter:

  • Stick 47cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 45cm x W47cm/ L 17.7″ x W 18.5″
  • 20heads size: Dia 93cm x W47cm/ L 36.6″ x W 18.5″
  • 30heads size: Dia 141cm x W47cm/ L 55.5″ x W 18.5″
  • 40heads size: Dia 189cm x W47cm/ L 74.4″ x W 18.5″
  • Stick 87cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 63cm x W 87cm/ L 24.8″ x W 34.3″
  • 20heads size: Dia 131cm x W 87cm/ L 51.6″ x W 34.3″
  • 30heads size: Dia 199cm x W 87cm/ L 78.4″ x W 34.3″
  • Stick 47/87cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 45cm x W 87cm/ L 17.7″ x W 34.3″
  • 20heads size: Dia 93cm x W 87cm/ L 36.6″ x W 34.3″
  • 30heads size: Dia 141cm x W 87cm/ L 55.5″ x W 34.3″
  • 40heads size: Dia 199cm x W 87cm/ L 78.4″ x W 34.3″
  • Rhythm Collection

Vertical Rhythm parameter:

  • Stick 47cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 47cm x H52.5cm/ L 18.5″ x W 20.7″
  • 20heads size: Dia 47cm x H108cm/ L 18.5″ x W 42.5″
  • 30heads size: Dia 47cm x H163.5cm/ L 18.5″ x W 64.4″
  • 40heads size: Dia 47cm x H219cm/ L 18.5″ x W 86.2″
  • Stick 87cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 87cm x H 52.5cm/ L 34.3″ x W 20.7″
  • 20heads size: Dia 87cm x H 108cm/ L 34.3″ x W 42.5″
  • 30heads size: Dia 87cm x H 163.5cm/ L 34.3″ x W 64.4″
  • Stick 47/87cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 87cm x H 52.5cm/ L 34.3″ x W 20.7″
  • 20heads size: Dia 87cm x H 108cm/ L 34.3″ x W 42.5″
  • 30heads size: Dia 87cm x H 163.5cm/ L 34.3″ x W 64.4″
  • 40heads size: Dia 87cm x H 219cm/ L 34.3″ x W 86.2″
  • Rhythm Collection
  • Ps: The Vertical version of rhythmic chandelier has two types of lighting options: one upward light and one downward light. For more details, please consult us. If you buy directly, we will send you the upward light version.

Rhythm Collection Details

  • Material: Metal, Acrylic, Aluminum alloy, Steel, PMMA
  • Light source: LED chips
  • Power: 5W (RC Dimmer)
  • Weight: 8 kg/17.6lbs
  • Finishes: Matt black,Matts white(Matts white version is out of stock and can be customized. Contact us if necessary)
  • Process: Polishing/Baking paint
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150cm/59" wires . Can be extended upon request
  • Rhythm Collection    Rhythm Collection

Purchase Notes

  • If you have problems with customs clearance and shipping damage, please contact us by email.Email address:  [email protected]
  • Please notice and understand that color difference and measurement discrepancy are unavoidable.
  • if you want to view more:https://www.vololighting.com/
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stickStick 47/87cm
Stick 47cm
Stick 87cm
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